Inbound Call Analytics - Taxi

RedRoute's Inbound Call Analytics gives you a near-real-time, easy-to-follow, high-level summary of how we support your callers/customers.

The following filters can be applied:

  1. Time: based on the start time (in your local timezone) of calls. This can also be used to set a specific date range.
  2. Fleet: filter by 1 or more of your individual fleets.
  3. Call Language: see calls that were in English or another language.

Total Inbound Calls

The top row includes the total number of inbound calls, and the number / rate of:

  1. Automated: Automated calls are calls that didn't require an operator to speak with a caller. They consist of:
    1. Successfully handled calls by RedRoute
    2. Hangups
    3. Direct-to-driver connections
  2. Forward to operator: Calls that were serviced by RedRoute and required an operator to complete the callers request.
  3. Bypass calls: Calls that go straight to operator and are not serviced by RedRoute.

Inbound Call Breakdown

The top-right tile includes the number of automated and operator calls for the 3 categories that make up Inbound Calls:

  1. New Ride: callers who want to book a taxi.
  2. Active Ride: callers who are calling back about their active ride.
  3. Other: callers on the bypass list or calling for a different reason (lost & found, etc).

Call Number & Automation Graph

Shows an area graph of the number of total and automated inbound calls, by day, over the past 2 weeks. This tile does not update when you change the time filter.

New Ride Calls

The 2nd row shows calls to book a taxi. This includes further breakdowns for bookings and types of new rides:

  1. Bookings Scheduled: the number of rides scheduled, using RedRoute.
  2. Additional Booked Rides: the number of additional rides that are booked on calls where there is more than 1 ride booking.
  3. Dispatch-Rejected Bookings: the number of rides that RedRoute tried to schedule for the caller, but was rejected by your dispatch system.
  4. Intent Breakdown:
    1. ASAP Ride: callers that want a ride immediately.
    2. Reservation Ride: callers that want to schedule a ride for the future.

Active Ride Calls

The 3rd row shows calls for rides that have already been scheduled. This includes the number of total and automated active ride calls, and the automation rate.

Active Ride Intent shows which option the caller selected from the Active Ride Menu. This menu is configurable and options can include:

  1. Confirm Ride: caller confirms that they still want to be picked up.
  2. Wait Time: caller wants to know how long until their taxi arrives.
  3. Cancel Ride: caller wants to cancel their ride.
  4. Call Driver: caller wants to speak to the driver directly.
  5. Edit Ride: caller wants to change the pickup location or time of their trip.
  6. Booking Release: callers want to immediately schedule a return taxi trip.
  7. Price Quote: caller wants to know the estimated cost of their trip.
  8. Operator: caller wants to speak to an operator.
  9. ASAP Ride: caller wants to schedule an additional future trip.

Other Calls

The 4th row shows calls that are not Active or New Ride calls. This includes the number of total and automated active ride calls, and the automation rate.

Other calls are made up of:

  1. Bypass: Calls that go straight to operator and are not serviced by RedRoute.
  2. Other: callers who are calling for a reason other than booking a taxi (lost & found, etc).