Taxi En Español - Helping Spanish Callers

As of 8/29/22, RedRoute is now bilingual for transportation providers and their callers!


Te explicamos cómo funciona esto... just kidding! We'll explain in English :)

The RedRoute experience is the same for the customer - scheduling new rides, understanding addresses, active rides, and more — just all in Spanish!

There are two ways RedRoute handles Spanish calls:

1. Callers calling an 'English' line, who select the 'Spanish' option when calling in "Para español, presiona 8". This will transform the caller's experience into Spanish.

To enable this Spanish option for your callers to choose when calling in, look in your RedRoute portal under 'Inbound Calls' and turn this option to 'on':

2. A dedicated phone line for Spanish starts the call in Spanish, and callers can choose an 'English' option if needed.

If you have dedicated phone lines for Spanish callers, let us know - we will help you get it pointed at RedRoute to help your callers :) There is no configurable option for this yet in the portal. If you have a dedicated Spanish line, give us a shout, and we'll set it up together.


You can filter on the Analytics page by Spanish callers. Just select the 'Call Language' filter, and choose 'Spanish', You'll see all the same metrics, and on the Call-By-Call Analysis, you can even see transcriptions of the recordings - fully in Spanish!

In the future, but not available today:

  • We'll provide callouts in Spanish, if we know the caller speaks Spanish.
  • More configurability of Spanish systems in the RedRoute portal. Some configurations currently cannot apply for Spanish callers - like keywords. These are currently auto-translated to their closest Spanish equivalent.
  • Configuration of fully Spanish phone lines in the RedRoute portal.

P.S. Send an email to support if you have any other language requests - we're listening...